• 01

    Road Infrastructure

    Highway Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Highway-BOT Projects.

  • 02

    Industrial Infrastructure

    Industrial and Warehousing, Machinery & equipment projects.

  • 03

    Urban Infrastructure

    Township, Uplifment projects, etc.

  • 04

    Other Infrastructures

    Developing sectors across urban and rural sectors, agriculture & much more.

  • 05


    From expertise in power, water and petrochemicals to services in Process Design and FEED| BE & DE.

  • 06

    Financial Services

    A trusted and customer-centric, one-stop financial services providers.

  • 07


    From SME to large scale manufacturing of end user products.

  • 08


    Services into hospitality industry which includes hospitality in lesuire, aviation and defence.

  • 09

    Information Technology

    Online porfiling, eCommerce and Digital Marketing.

  • 10

    Sports, Entertainment & Media

    MUL helps sports rights holders build the big moments in sport.


Mahapatra Group is a leading Indian company with diversified interests across various sectors including Infrastructure, Energy, Aviation, Defence, Healthcare Hospitality, Financial Services, Information & Technology, sports, media and entertainment. It has taken pioneering initiatives across many sectors that it operates in and has overcome every challenge to provide healthy contribution towards the country’s growth at large and the community we serve in particular. Mahapatra Groups’ greatest strength is its highly experienced and proficient in-house talent pool. Mahapatra Groups’ collaboration with global corporate houses in different sectors has brought international expertise to India reflecting excellence and advancement in all its endeavours.


Board of Directors

  Mrs. Preeti Mahapatra

  Mr. Hari Mahapatra

  Mr. Rakesh Sahni


Board of Advisors

  Mr. Lalatendu Mahapatra

  Mr. B S Kapur

  Mr. Delbert Winn

  Mr. Ron Mohling

  Mr. Ted Morgan

  Mr. Allen Shisler


Management Team

  Mr. Hari Mahapatra (MD)

  Mr. Ravi Pani, Group CEO

  Mr. Rakesh Sahni

  Mr. Rajesh Panchal

  Mr. Rajesh Grover




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